Adhrapradesh south of the libraries of literature - many books are available. House of the south six books published in Devanagari script in which 1. South of the prose and verse 2. Sabras 3. Kutubmushtri 4. Saiful - Mulak and Bdiul deposit 5. Mnsmjavn 6. Kulliat.

The last 37 years India's economic cooperation 'Details Magazine', a monthly magazine published by the House is regular. Hindi Prachar Sabha in Maharashtra, Aurangabad, literary, cultural Sncarika magazine is being published regularly. Vidhayon the rich variety of literature in the year 1993 to highlight the progress of the idea of ​​'Ajanta' Publishing House has called annuity. The five points have been published.

Literary Events: - by the House from time to time literary seminars, lectures and camps are organized. Convocation, the Council's activities is an important activity. Convocation of the first President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad Mahamahim guidance has benefited from the House. Here one thing I would say with pride Mahamahim Dr. Rajendra Prasad in the gold medal-winning children's Hantho Bhukshn venerable institution today President Dr. Chandradev Baghwant Rao Kawade.

House of Convocation very important literary, political Netayon guide has received, including former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao, dr. L. Shrimali, Shri Bhimsen Sachar, Mr. KG Syydan, Mr. omkarnath Thakur, Acharya Kshitimohn Sen, Dr. Baburam Saxena, Mr. Bktdrshn, Mr. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Pro. Ram Lal Rahi, Pt Vdematrm Ramchandrarav, renowned poet Harivanshrai Bachchan former Home Minister SB Chavan, the former governor, Ms. Kumud Ben Joshi, Sujit Singh Barnala, Mr Krishan Kant, Rameshwar Thakur, Chief Minister, Dr Ann. T. Rama Rao, Mrs Sushma Swaraj, Uttar Pradesh. Former Governor Shri Vishnu Kant Shastri, etc. Mahamahim graduation speech is taking part in the convocation.

On this occasion I Government of India, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka governments, in addition to N. C. T. E. and Central Hindi Directorate, Government of India that the am grateful to the House, which has received continued support to the House. Government of India Central Council for various promotional activities and regional assembilies who is experienced, it is to strengthen promotional activities.

Jai Hindi - Jai Civil

"All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark."

"Purity, patience, and perseverance are the three essentials to success and, above all, love."