Hyderabad state in 1935 on the auspicious occasion of the year Yugadi Tponisht some enthusiastic patriots and keeping in view the Indian national unity aimed at the promotion of Hindi and the Devanagari script was establishment of the House. Establish to promote Hindi language in India is the third voluntary Hindi service organization. Yugadi 2011 on the auspicious occasion of 75 years in the House while serving Pradirg to spread Hindi is the Amrit festival.

Purpose :
To achieve the following objectives have been working in Hindi Prachar Sabha.
  1. National spread of Hindi and the Devanagari script.
  2. Multipurpose development of Hindi publishing, promotional and translation.
  3. The proper location to get local regional languages ​​to yoga.
  4. Government's job - to look, for Antprarntiy purposefull and Indian culture and working to make more efficient for the development of Hindi.
The scope of the House of Andhra, Maharashtra and Karnataka, up to there. Three regional offices of the provinces have their own building.
  1. House under the auspices of the five initial tests are run . These examinations are conducted at the regional Ministries. Through central house five high-examinations are conducted. Though, who recognized the territorial government. House in various examinations everyyear.
  2. Educational Activities: - Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka in the year 1,000 teaching centers have been arranged. These centers around two and a half thousand teachers, are teaching Hindi. Prisoners to popularize Hindi in the Central Prison for the Charlaplli Anychar including Hindi teaching in prisons have been arranged. When the House passed the examination of the prisoner, they are exempt in their sentences.
    Through sabha Dharmwant Hindi School at Hyderabad and earnest-ul-anonymous girl Hindi Medium School named two high - school, college degrees and Dharmwant Dharmwant PG Colleges also is managing, where Kamrs & Sc of the have provision for teaching are the. The House by the Andhra Pradesh in the Hindi teacher training 10 degree colleges are conducted.
  3. Library:-just like the regional library is a library of the House, but with other languages ​​- with more than 55,000 the number of Hindi books. Libraries - is a reading room. Other than the Hindi language paper - cards are ordered.
  4. Publication :- More than 250 textbooks have been published. Regional branch Andhrapradesh and Maharasthra Driara Hindi publicist (diary) and the calendar is published.

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